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Audi A3 2006 2.0 Engine Compatibility

Audi A3 2006 2.0 Engine Compatibility

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Audi A3 2006 2.0 Engine Compatibility

estroj estroj
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/11
Posted: 07/29/11
08:32 AM

Hi. I have an Audi 2006 2.0 engine that was totally destroyed in a car accident. Someone has offered me a V6 model so I can use the body... Does the 2.0 engine fit in a V6 body?. My idea is to buy a car with a burned engine or something like that So I can keep my engine and transmission, but I'm not sure about the possibilities. Also, if I could buy a more recent year...

Thank you very much!!  

foyejstuart foyejstuart
New User | Posts: 13 | Joined: 04/13
Posted: 04/06/13
05:08 AM

Audi A3 car is a better option for a small-size family or rather a few ideal. The A3 diesel engine has a firmer grip on the road in icy weather conditions so protection against all dangers delay.  
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